Compressor parts 1

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Variable Type
Technology & Material:
Nodular Cast lron
Features: High performance compressor with compactness Smooth continuous operation Without Clutch cycling Control Valve integrated Compressor Compact Clutch arrangements Improved dehumidification and passenger comfort Various mounting configurations & application flexibility Function
Rotor:Connected to a hub by a pin and assembled to an arm, and then inserted to a shaft to transfer the shaft's rotary motion to the hub and swash plate, and convert the power to the piston's reciprocating motion
Hub: Slideable to easily adjust the swash plate's inclination and the reciprocating engine's stroke level
Technology & Material:
Fixed: Teflon Coating & Ring Type Variable: Friction Welding Forged Aluminum Delphi: 4032, Hcc/Visteon: 4000A, Denso: AP2
Features:Precise assembly Clearance Teflon tin coated outer surface lmproved breaking strength and NVH Lubricable, and highly resistant against abrasion
Functions: Assembled with shoe bearing to a swash plate and converts the shaft's rotary motion to reciprocating rectilinear movement。
Assembled to the inside of a Cylinder and produces power to absorb and Compress refrigerant per every Shaft revolution of reciprocating