Compressor I

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Highly efficient performance, low noise & vibration property and durability in high speed are realized through optimum design technology and advanced manufacturing processes. erae Automotive’s compressor is widely applied to passenger car, truck, mini bus and agricultural machinery for a variety of products and options.
● Discharge capacity: 70 ~ 210cc
● Various products: Fixed type (swash plate, scroll), Variable type (internal, external)
● Compact size & lightweight for better fuel mileage
● Wear-resistant design for better durability in high speed
● Mechanism for working noise reduction
Principle Once an air conditioner is turned on, engine torque drives internal pressure mechanism through a shaft to compress and circulate refrigerant. A compressor serves as heart in the air conditioning system. It compresses low temperature & pressure refrigerant inhaled from an evaporator and discharges it to a compressor after transforming it into a state of high temperature & pressure.